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Hi! My name is Maya Baz , I am a Nutrition Consultant and Beauty blogger in Health Beauty Tips.
I have been living a healthy lifestyle for 10 years , taking care of both my body and my spirit.
I created this website because I love that the information is transmitted in a simple way and that the truth is told about our options to be more beautiful and healthy. Also, here I can share with you what I investigate and my own tests, or my favorite products.
The objective of Health Beauty Tips is to take you towards the transformation of yourself. That you can grow, change your habits, achieve once and for all get rid of those extra kilos, see yourself radiant as you are: natural.
I hope you find all the information you need to renew yourself here. I have worked hard to share absolutely EVERYTHING I know and it can help you to achieve it too.
I feel a New Woman , I have no bluntness in saying it !!
And I know how to make YOU feel that way too.
For you to get more out of my Blog I have decided to order the best articles, the must ones , the ones you should see.
Start reading them all, or jump directly to your favorite category!
Enjoy it WomanNew!

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