Why Don't Diets to Lose Weight Fast Work?

If you are facing overweight, you may have tried many diets to lose weight fast. And I bet that also, as has happened to many people, it has not worked or its success has lasted for a very short time. This contributes to a feeling of deep disappointment which only motivates the abandonment of any initiative to lose weight.
The problem is that the traditional approach to fashion diets is incorrect. They promise wonders in a short time and do not consider all the factors that are related to the inappropriate lifestyle that most people usually lead.
It is possible to lose weight, through a more complete approach that goes beyond diets to lose weight fast. You can regulate your body and you are really willing to do what you owe, and change your daily customs. It may be a bit difficult at first, but if you persist, in a short time you will be part of your daily routines.

What is the problem of diets to lose weight fast?

There are many things that do not consider most of these types of diets. Frequently they are presented in women's magazines, or in countless Internet sites as if they were infallible. However, they have the following defects:

They make you go hungry

If a diet causes you to suffer from hunger, then it will not work. There are two things that can happen if you stick to such an extreme diet plan. The first is that you will fail to follow it, since being hungry only increases your anxiety and therefore, most likely, you will give in to the indiscriminate desire to eat snacks or junk food.
On the other hand, if you strictly follow these diets to lose weight fast , you will begin to lose nutrients instead of fat. When food is suddenly limited, the body interprets that it is in a time of scarcity in the face of nature, and will end up accumulating more fat. The result: no kilo lost despite suffering.

They have a rebound effect

Whenever a diet is followed, the rebound effect is feared. But this is nothing more than the logical consequence of the limited time in which a diet is followed. Any of these proposes a meal plan for a certain time, such as 15 or 20 days.
During the time that you follow these diets to lose weight fast, you may lose a few kilos. But then it happens that if you finish eating the same things as before, and in the same way, the overweight will return. That is why its results are limited.

They cause weakness

Most diets to lose weight fast, privilege a certain class of food. Many of these or favor vegetables or proteins. But they exclude a balance between the two.
This causes other nutrients to be lacking and as a consequence weakness or languor is experienced. And as a consequence they tend to retain lipids, depending on the benefit to the body.

They promise that you will lose X amount of kilos

To think that following any of the diets to lose weight fast will guarantee that you will lose a certain amount of kilos, whether 3, 5 or 10 kilos is naive. They cannot weigh this based on numbers, since not all metabolisms work the same.
When you don't get this, you just get disappointed and to forget them, you eat candy again or those delicious ice cream cans. You also convince yourself that you are doomed to be overweight ... nothing is further from reality!

The right method

So, if fast weight loss diets don't work ... What can you really do? Actually you have to get the idea of ​​making immediate changes out of your mind, without changing customs.
You can lose weight, if you really decide to eat healthy and exercise. In addition, you should propose to transform your lifestyle. It is not easy, but it is possible. Therefore pay attention to the following:

Eliminate the wrong foods

You can consult a nutritionist, but surely you know that if you have gained weight, it is because you have eaten inadequate food. You, like many people, have in your diet foods with polyunsaturated oils and many flours. If you add this to a sedentary lifestyle, these are the sources of this problem.
Junk food or pre-cooked foods, which have gone through a lot of processes, should also leave your life. Otherwise, none of the fast weight loss diets will work.

Balanced feed

For any regimen to work, you must eat foods of all kinds, in a natural state, in homemade meals. They should include all groups: vegetables, fruits, cereals, meats and other proteins.
If you follow a basic nutrition scale, you will notice that they must contain mostly fruits and cereals to a large extent. You should even include carbohydrates in their healthiest forms, since you need them for energy.

Water detoxification

What diets to lose weight fast should name is the need to drink a lot of water. It is not only necessary to live, it is important to eliminate toxins from the body. In this way the whole system is renewed and is ready to lose weight effectively.

Meals at regular times

There is a saying that says, we must have breakfast like kings, eat as princes and have dinner as beggars. What does this mean? It is very simple: at the beginning of the day it is necessary to have breakfast completely. It is important to eat well, to start vigorously and not be tempted to overeat.
At noon it is vital to eat well, including varied and very nutritious foods, but not too much. Then, at dinner it is best to eat lightly. The metabolism at night is slow, and as a consequence, it has difficulties in converting food into energy. If you are overweight, all you do is create more fat.


Move the body and make it spend calories, it is vital to lose weight. Regardless of what diets propose to lose weight fast, this is vital to achieve a significant change.
As I say, you have to move! Start by walking, running or doing anything you like. Even if you live in a building you can go down and up the stairs, if you're not in a hurry. They are small things that can make a big difference.

Supplement to lose weight

Finally there is a factor that can help to have more effective results than those that promise fast weight loss diets. And with that I mean supplementation with natural tablets.
There are many options that can help you burn fat, along with healthy eating and exercise. In particular, I recommend the most effective Garcinia Cambogia tablets . These have HCA or hydroxycitric acid which burns fat and provides a feeling of satiety that helps limit anxious eating.
Of all the existing brands in the market, the most important is Pure Cambogia Ultra , which markets the highest quality tablets. These have 60% HCA, which has been proven by numerous laboratories. It also has no artificial additives or preservatives. Therefore, it provides the best result.
The diets to lose weight fast fail also because they do not consider a change in lifestyle. If you manage to do this, you will really lose weight, and you will have an excellent quality of life.

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