Wrinkles On The Forehead: Why Do They Appear?

The marks of the expression that derives in the development of wrinkles, is one of the aesthetic marks that are most desired to diminish. In particular, wrinkles on the forehead occur in a problematic area that is difficult to attenuate, since they are part of a very expressive area of ​​our face. That is why it is useful to know what are the most viable options to reduce these brands and maintain a natural appearance.
Over the years, the skin begins to lose its elasticity and dry out, and with this wrinkles begin to form. It is likely that if wrinkles are starting to appear on the forehead , you have tried anti-wrinkle creams but you will notice that they are not completely effective, because, if it is true that with constant use for a long time the wrinkles of our face disappear a little, but not the forehead. Many will have decided to undergo cosmetic surgery in order to eliminate these annoying wrinkles, however, not all people have the facilities to opt for this option.

What are the causes of the appearance of wrinkles on the forehead?

The expression lines on the forehead normally appear as a symptom of the passage of time, however, this is not the only cause, they can also appear due to daily stress or exhaustion to which we are subjected.
The basic causes of the appearance of wrinkles on the forehead are the lack of elastin and the reduction of the production of collagen in the skin, which gives rise to the appearance of these wrinkles. When collagen production begins to decay, the skin loses its uniformity, which results in these wrinkles that can appear in the form of the famous "crow's feet" around the mouth, on the neck or even on the upper lip.
As elastin is missing from the skin, it cannot return to its normal position as fast as it should be. This is also due to factors such as smoking, ultra violet rays of the sun, or toxins, among others. They also help accelerate the aging process and with this the appearance of wrinkles.

Are there treatments that can help me eliminate wrinkles on the forehead?

Yes, there are treatments that you can access in any Spa or beauty center that has the qualified personnel for this. Some of the treatments are as follows:

  • Peeling: there are many types of peeling, the most common are chemicals, which can help your skin look much softer. The peel is designed to burn the outermost layer of the skin, which, by damaging your epidermis in the process, causes it to re-produce new collagen making you look younger. If you do not have the time or resources to attend a Spa or a beauty center, there are also many recipes to prepare completely natural and healthy homemade scrubs.
  • Dermabrasion: this is another way you can reduce wrinkles. This treatment uses a vacuum instrument with chemical crystals that remove the most exposed layer of the skin. This results in the revelation of a new skin, much younger and softer. With this process the wrinkles give the impression that they disappear along with the expression lines.

What advice can I take into account to avoid the appearance of wrinkles on the face?

Some people tend to be victims of forehead wrinkles because they raise their eyebrows and frown much more frequently than other people. This also happens when they have a habit of pursing their eyes so they can see better, which can be easily solved by buying some lenses.
You should also avoid exposure to the Sun without using sunscreen, always keep your skin hydrated with moisturizers for the face, since when the cells are hydrated, wrinkles are not noticeable. In addition, you should quit smoking, if you don't smoke then avoid doing so or being close to people who do.
Exfoliating your skin will not make wrinkles disappear, but nevertheless, it can make them less visible, since with the accumulation of dust and dead skin cells in the wrinkles and the folds that form they will make these more noticeable .
However, if you are looking for more alternatives, I can also recommend facial radiofrequency treatment . It is a medical procedure that is very effective against wrinkles because electromagnetic waves stimulate the production of collagen causing wrinkles to be much less visible, it is also a completely safe and clinically proven treatment that you can consider to treat this marked area of ​​your face.

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