What Characteristics Do the Smartest Professionals Have?

For some, intelligence is a gift, for others a characteristic that can be developed, such as a muscle from any part of the body. But for sure, intelligence is that ability to reason or think, using the use of logic. However, when we talk about people, and we go to the workplace, the smartest professionals have traits and virtues that go well beyond what the rules tell us.
As living beings, we are constantly influenced by stimuli, and the response to them, that is, our actions (instinctive or not), allow us to solve the conflicts that arise day by day. That is why we can affirm that intelligence is not necessarily linked to a specific area, it is related to our abilities as human beings to solve situations, and generate progress.

Measuring intelligence

Although science has advanced and proven since intelligence can be relative and there are even several types, there are still myths about it and especially social labels, which are imposed on 'less intelligent' people. In part, science itself, with its instruments has exalted those virtues in others, promoting that imbalance.
To measure intelligence, there is something called IQ (intelligence quotient), a number that, for many, can reveal the degree of intelligence to compare with the rest. This simple relationship of mental age, versus physical age, multiplied by one hundred, is a detail that for the most intelligent professionals does not mean any problem, because they go much further.

Emotional intelligence and skills

Since the theory of multiple intelligences was discovered, many myths have been broken regarding the subject, and it was not expected that in the labor field the most intelligent professionals will shine thanks to their innate abilities.
So then, those people with ability for numbers, have a logical intelligence, such as engineers, mathematicians and scientists. Others, who stand out with words, who write or express themselves effectively, are said to have linguistic intelligence, such is the case of journalists, speakers and writers.
The smartest professionals are also able to use their own body as a means of expression, as well as dancers, actors, athletes. Or, those who transform and create music are said to have musical intelligence.

Boosting intelligence

While it is true that intelligence can be measured in several ways, there are also certain factors that we definitely cannot ignore and that affect us all.
Daily stress, multiple occupations, problems and the amount of work can saturate us in such a way that our work performance is sometimes affected, preventing us from successfully completing projects and journeys.
The smartest professionals know that fighting that is not an easy task, however, some have chosen to consume drugs that increase their intelligence, in order to perform at their work sites.
One of these medications is Adderall , a drug loaded with amphetamines that stimulates the central nervous system, so that we are more alert, focused and energetic while we develop our activities. However, and although it is prescribed for people with attention deficit disorders (TDHA), it is used illegally for other purposes, and its side effects include dry mouth, anxiety, difficulty falling asleep and loss of appetite.
It is definitely a medicine not recommended for those who seek to enhance their intellectual abilities, as it is prescribed under other diagnoses. Its intake is considered dangerous, because the induced release of adrenaline, increases blood flow and can lead to heart attacks.

Naturally smart

Wanting more performance is understandable, but that must be achieved through natural habits that you include in your daily routine. That is why, we recommend you follow the following tips to maximize your skills and stand out at work:

  • Get enough sleep . Rest is priceless, and if you want to perform at your job, you must be fully aware that your sleeping hours are sacred.
  • Don't take work home . Although it seems inevitable, and we want to advance things that have been incomplete, following home work will keep you stressed, and the idea is that when you get home you can rest.
  • Eat well . The stress of everyday life, even makes us forget to eat or skip meals, in many cases we eat at any time and anything. Take your time and prepare your meals at home healthily, if you want, take some snacks to work or lunch, so that you guarantee your food.

Nothing is healthier than leading a balanced life with healthy habits, because the smartest professionals are not only because of their abilities, but because they make assertive decisions, and choosing well-being is one of them. Ahead!

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