Treatments For The Face: Choose The One That Best Suits You!

The skin of our face is exposed daily to different factors that contribute to the acceleration of the aging process. Over time they are causing certain alterations that affect us aesthetically as the accentuation of the lines of expression. However, this can be remedied with various treatments for the face that you can use and that we will mention below:


They are very popular, this treatment consists of exfoliating the skin by removing the layers of dead cells that form in it, in order to favor cell regeneration. This treatment can be done with chemicals, lasers or special creams.
This treatment allows to improve the texture of the skin, eliminate wrinkles, sunspots, age spots, remove freckles, expression lines and certain types of acne or any other imperfection in general of the skin. In turn, it has a preventive effect for the appearance of wrinkles and aging when performed regularly. Therefore, not only people who have skin problems have peels, but also those who want to get a skin.

Nose lift with rhinoplasty

This is one of the most popular face treatments, it consists of lifting the tip of the nose working on the cartilage and making modifications to the nasal tip. In other cases it is necessary to highlight or reinforce the nasal tip with the help of cartilage grafts that are placed on the cartilage of the person to be able to lift the tip of the nose, it is usually not necessary to work on the bone part.
The grafts can be obtained from different parts that can be of the same nose (septum or wing cartilage), ear cartilage or ribs. It usually does not leave bruises, it is not necessary to place plaster and its recovery is quite fast.

Facial fillers

This aesthetic method does not require surgery, local anesthesia is used and it consists in applying a product through injections in the areas of the face that are necessary, either to eliminate wrinkles, furrows, skin folds, scars or to increase structures of the face like chin, cheekbones, jaw, lips, etc.
Injected substances are known as biopolymers, which have an elasticity and texture similar to the connective tissue of our body, some of these substances have long been used in other types of treatments such as: bone prostheses, dental implants, sutures and artery replacements, etc. Some of the substances used are: collagen, hyaluronic acid, calcium hydroxyplate, polylactic acid L and polymethyl methacrylate in spheres.
The duration of this treatment can be permanent or transitory, depending on how the patient wishes, it is painless, and the patient can immediately observe the improvements and immediately rejoin their daily activities. This is one of the best treatments for the face , allowing you to obtain a facial rejuvenation that looks natural, durable and surprising without changing the expression of your face, the only disadvantage is that it can be a somewhat expensive treatment.

Photo rejuvenation with pulsed light

In addition to being applied to the face, this treatment can also be applied to the neckline, hands or any place of the body where you want to improve or eliminate any imperfections such as wrinkles, skin blemishes, etc. It works in sessions, with which through beams of intense pulsed light that are generated by a high-tech equipment spots, wrinkles, and other signs of aging are eliminated.
This treatment is not invasive so it does not require any surgical procedure, it has no side effects or recovery period so the patient can return to his workday immediately. Usually after 5 sessions we can see an appearance of up to 10 years younger.

How can I lengthen the effects of these treatments for the face?

One way that we can extend the results of these treatments is by protecting and caring for our skin, keeping it healthy and hydrated. I particularly recommend using a quality product such as the BellaVei Skin Care kit , which is a cosmetic set that contains an anti-aging complex, wrinkle cream, facial cleanser and eye cream. It has been made with natural ingredients, so its use is safe.
Remember also, take care of your face with a high-factor sunscreen (with SPF greater than 50), if you plan to expose yourself to the sun's rays, in this way you can take care of and preserve the results of any of the aforementioned face treatments.

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