The Benefits of Using a Moisturizer

Every day women increasingly care about the appearance and health of their skin, and little by little this trend is added by the male sex, both genders looking for ways to maintain a flexible, young, soft, smooth, flexible skin and uniform. To achieve this we can use a moisturizer that gives our skin a little more nutrition allowing us to have a young and radiant skin for much longer.

What is a moisturizer?

It is a cream that fulfills the function of moisturizing, just as the name implies, as if we drank some water and added it to our skin, so that it can look young and smooth.

How does the moisturizer work?

The main objective of moisturizers is to provide more moisture, when we apply a small amount the moisturizing molecules pass into the dermis, the deepest part of the skin. The objective of this is to be able to reach the tissues and cells. Once the lower layer of the skin has been reached, a culture rich in nutrients is created to feed the skin tissues.

What substances are moisturizers composed of?

When we are born, we humans are composed of water, about 75%. However, as time goes by we lose some of this essential fluid for our body. By applying a little moisturizer with gentle massages, we give our body a part of the fluid that we lose every day.
Moisturizers are composed of several elements such as:

  • Hyaluronic acid: this is a great water receptor and an excellent moisturizing element.
  • Lactate or urea: helps us avoid losing this vital fluid in our body.
  • In addition, it also contains very nutritious substances such as Vitamin C, aloe vera, collagen, and glycerin , among others.

What are the most important properties of any moisturizer?

The properties of moisturizers are many, including allowing skin cells to develop in a better environment and suffer less, they also provide some of the water we lose with age, providing a better appearance to the face. However, the fundamental properties are to improve the internal cellular structure of the skin and its health, for this there are both creams for the body and for the face, these in turn have compounds that can protect us from the sun.
Having clear what the moisturizers are for, we must also know that there are 2 groups, the occlusive ones and the emollients or moisturizers, the first ones protect the epidermis forming a fatty film that prevents the water from evaporating, these creams work well for dry skin.
Emollients or moisturizers, in addition to moisturizing the skin also soften it, these creams give the skin essential elements for your health, and are highly recommended for both daily or cosmetic use, as for skin diseases such as flaky dryness, psoriasis, atopic skin or normal dry skin.
Depending on its use, we can divide moisturizers into 2 types, face and body creams .

What is the difference of a moisturizer for the face and one for the body?

It is very simple, although both types have many things in common there are slight differences. For example, if we use a body milk with this we seek to moisturize our skin and also nourish it to achieve softness and a smooth appearance on it, and if this cream has an emollient base that is not sticky it would be much better.
But, if what you are looking for is to hydrate the skin of your face or the contour of your eyes, it is best to use a moisturizer that not only fulfills the function of moisturizing, but also has anti-wrinkle properties, which would eliminate dark circles. Some moisturizers for the face may contain caffeine or vitamin C, these components can give a revitalizing and energizing touch if you have a tired expression.

What other recommendations can I take into account besides the use of a moisturizer for my skin?

It is advisable to drink plenty of water throughout the day, especially if we are in hot seasons, since in this way we can complement the benefits that a good moisturizing and nourishing skin cream gives us . In addition, use sunscreen daily, because, although sometimes it may not seem like it, exposing ourselves more to sunlight can cause skin blemishes.
In addition, you can take into account certain cosmetic products, such as the BellaVei Skin Care kit , which contains 4 products that will allow us to look healthy, young, uniform skin and maintain its natural tone; These products include: moisturizing anti-wrinkle cream, facial cleanser, eye cream and anti-aging complex. Definitely a completely natural product and free of chemical additives so it represents a healthy option.

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