Nose Surgery in All Its Aspects

The nose is a very common cosmetic procedure. It is usually done by people who have suffered an accident and wish to have a good aesthetic form again. It is also done by those who simply do not like their nose. If you are among these people, then I tell you everything related to this type of aesthetic operations.

What is nose surgery or rhinoplasty?

This surgery involves modifying the nose, usually without touching the bone unless necessary, a few incisions are made and the nasal cartilage is modified, the tip of the nose is raised or lowered a little, depending on the needs of the patient .

What are the risks of having a nose job?

Like any surgical procedure, the risks are of infection that can be prevented and fought with antibiotics. There is also bleeding that is avoided with the consumption of ibuprofen, aspirin, vitamin E, and natural medications (ginseng, gingko biloba, homeopathic) for 15 days before surgery. There is no risk of mortality itself, but there is anesthetic risk. And of course, there is a risk of not getting the desired nose.

What results can I expect from this surgery?

The results of nose surgery is variable with each individual. There are people who feel happier with their new appearance. They have better self-esteem, and they feel more secure and valued. It is a procedure that also has some facial rejuvenation , since it can remove some years of physical appearance.

How much is the post-operative recovery time?

The disability can last for about 2 days to take care of yourself. Then it returns to normal. For about 8 days, you may find it difficult to fall asleep a bit but you will not feel any pain. Usually no plugs are used unless there is a possibility of bleeding after the operation. And of course, there will be some traces of the surgery and some bruises that rarely pass 12 or 14 days after the operation.

What is the average cost of a nose job?

Costs can vary according to the difficulty and time of surgery, usually, secondary and special groups take longer. But in general terms, this type of surgery can be worth between $ 4000 and $ 5000, a bit high price.

How long can this type of surgery last?

A nose surgery can take approximately 1 to 2 hours for most surgeons. Normally these types of operations when performed to improve a function of the nose, can take much less compared to operations aimed at aesthetic appearance. In some cases a nose surgery can take between 2 and 4 hours, which, although the time is significantly higher we can obtain better results and with this decrease the cases reinterventions for touch-ups.

Can scars remain after surgery?

Usually, many surgeons use a technique called endonasal, which consists of operating through the nostril only, thus avoiding leaving an external scar and dissection is limited to the areas that you want to modify. It also ensures a rapid recovery since vascular bridges are maintained.

What recommendations can I take into account if I decide to have this type of surgery?

  • During the first 3 days it is advisable to consume light meals , without fats or condiments. We can also use cold compresses around the nose to help lower the inflammation and you should sleep with 2 pillows or semi-sitting.
  • Remember to take the medications indicated by the attending physician at the times indicated, you can also drink drinks that help reduce inflammation.
  • The first months you should avoid direct exposure to the sun's rays , also the practice of contact sports or that require a lot of physical activity, we must be at rest during the first week.
  • If you notice that there is presence of clear mucus with blood in the nose after surgery, do not worry, it is completely normal, for this reason it is left gauze under the nose that we can change if it gets dirty.
  • During the first days it is normal to cover our nose or change the smell of food and taste, this is due to the scabs that have formed inside the nostrils, to avoid this situation we can apply physiological serum inside the nose , ensuring that it passes to the throat.
  • Attend the medical checks indicated by the doctor, usually these are every 3 days and in them the bandage change is done and an intranasal cleansing is done.
  • Avoid using cravings and blowing your nose , if you feel accumulated secretions, these should be expelled through the mouth of preference.

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