How To Use a Depigmenting Cream

If you are one of those people who like to enjoy an illuminated day or simply for some reason or another they spend a lot of time exposing themselves to sunlight, you have probably noticed that dark spots appear on your skin, this happens when you have not protected yourself properly or For some medical treatment, however, this is no reason to worry. For beauty, there is always a solution, these dark spots can disappear using a depigmenting cream .

What are depigmenting creams?

A depigmenting cream is a cosmetic made to lighten the spots on the skin until they disappear, either by medical treatments, the Sun or age. It must be taken into account that these cosmetics act on the darkest spots, ignoring light spots, that is, it acts on hyperpigmented areas.
These creams have components that are responsible for stopping the production of melanin, which is the substance that gives the skin color, they also have components that take care of the skin avoiding irritations and others that increase cell regeneration.

How should I use a depigmenting cream?

Ideally, if you have dark spots on the face go to the doctor, since he is the best person to recommend an effective depigmenting cream according to your skin type, in addition to giving you the best indications of how you should apply it according to your criteria.
But, generally, these creams should be applied once and twice a day. You should wash your face well before using this cream and then you should apply a little on the spots that you want to disappear. Then gently spread over the stain and then immediately wash your hands.

What recommendations or advice should you consider when using this type of cream?

  • The first thing I recommend is that, before applying the cream as such, make a small test of how it could react on your skin, in what way? Very simple, just apply a little on the elbow for example 24 hours before to See if you do not suffer from any allergic reactions.
  • The best time to apply this cream is at night just before going to sleep, so you are sure that the sun's rays will not affect you.
  • For obvious reasons we do not want to pass the depigmenting cream to another person, so you should avoid having skin-to-skin contact with others.
  • Remember to wash your hands well after applying the depigmenting cream , to prevent them from becoming depigmented.
  • To avoid affecting the properties of this cream, avoid using others at least until one hour has passed, and then with peace of mind you can apply a moisturizing, protective, exfoliating cream or whatever you want.
  • Because the sun's rays can reverse the effects of these creams, you should apply a good sunscreen with the highest factor you can get, this only in case you really need to go out, otherwise it is better to stay at home. Of course, you should also avoid tanning beds as they would have the same effect as the sun's rays.
  • You have to be patient and be very constant, since these creams will not give us immediate results, it will be weeks before we can see changes in our skin.
  • If you notice any unfavorable effect, immediately stop using these creams and go to the doctor, he can tell you what the reaction is due to and if there is another way to depigment the spots on your skin.
  • Be very careful if you think you could be pregnant, since these creams cannot be used by women in the sweet wait.

How can I take care of my skin after using a depigmenting cream?

The most important thing is that you use sunscreen to prevent the sun's rays from causing these spots to reappear. If you take any medication that causes them, consult your doctor.
You can also use moisturizing and nourishing creams to keep it young and healthy, if you do not know what creams you can use, I present an option, the BellaVei Skin Care cosmetic kit , which is a complete kit with 4 face creams , which are: cream for The eyes, moisturizing anti-wrinkle cream, facial cleanser and anti-aging complex, is a completely natural and chemical-free product.
By following these tips and maintaining the necessary care of your skin you can be sure that you will recover the natural tone of the skin of your face, neckline or where these spots have appeared. Also remember to protect yourself from the sun's rays and keep your skin hydrated so that it looks young and healthy. If you have any doubt, concern or allergic reaction go to the doctor, surely you will be the ideal treatment according to the problem you present, according to your skin type.

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