How to Treat Attention Deficit in Adults?

ADHD, is usually associated mostly with disorders of childhood and even adolescence, however, if not treated in time, these symptoms can be extended beyond, because the attention deficit in adults often lasts in 50% of people. This definitely affects the quality of life of many, causing problems and difficult situations in the workplace, family and even in the personal environment.
The attention deficit in adults is different from that of children, the characteristics vary, among them the one related to hyperactivity, where it is reduced considerably over the years. However, the problems of lack of attention or concentration persist, becoming quite critical especially in the work area, where they can manifest themselves in non-compliance of activities, concentration in a specific task, etc.
Generally, in some cases the diagnosis of attention deficit in adults is a bit complicated, since sometimes patients suffer from other disorders or pathologies that usually associate symptoms similar to ADHD.

Treatments associated with attention deficit in adults

Although TDHA is a disease with established treatment parameters, it manifests itself differently in some people, so fitting into a single method or medication is not recommended. This treatment may vary depending on the accentuated symptoms and even the living conditions in which the patient is.
Each treatment helps minimize symptoms and relieve the brain in its anxiety attacks. By being consumed daily, they help us develop skills for handling everyday situations, as people who suffer from this disorder can lose things, get distracted easily and be late for their jobs.
Usually, the medications recommended in these cases are:

  • Amphetamines: present in the Adderall.
  • Methylphenidates: present in Ritalin

There are other types of drugs, which are sold without a prescription such as Alpha Brain , whose ingredients claim to be memory enhancers, increase mood, improve concentration and reduce anxiety states. This medicine has ingredients such as Vinpocetine, Huperzine and others, which are sold as 'natural' and with the promise that they have few or no side effects, in addition to the rest of its elements are not powerful enough to generate The desired response.
However, the truth is that he does, and they go well beyond a simple occasional headache. This type of 'natural' substances can trigger dependence, as the brain gets used to being stimulated only when the product is ingested, as well as insomnia, dry mouth and loss of skin pigmentation.

What supplement to take then to improve my concentration?

Before taking any medication, you should always investigate very well to know what to expect. In the case of mental energy and memory stimulating supplements, we can recommend Brain Plus IQ . These capsules to increase intelligence, are designed to reverse the effects of a brain without energy, and in turn, highlight your mental abilities. The change is not from one day to another, but gradually, so its continuous consumption is recommended.
Recent medical research has shown that its ingredients are 100% high quality and that its results are quite favorable. Among its main benefits we can find:

  • Greater ability to concentrate
  • Think quickly and clearly
  • Have the information previously stored in the brain within reach
  • Boost mental energy

Other recommendations associated with attention deficit in adults

A specialist is the right person to deal with this problem with you, because in ADHD, through cognitive behavioral therapy we can make significant and simple changes that help us to:

  • Learn to manage time
  • Make short and medium term plans
  • Know how to handle emotions
  • Controlling stress
  • Change the image of oneself, yes it is not very good
  • Stop impulsiveness, think before acting

Gradually, and following these guidelines, you can structure your days and give more organization to your life, since each person is different and needs more or less doses of medications or therapies to deal with the disease.
Other recommendations associated with attention deficit in adults , have to do with maintaining a balanced diet, staying active practicing some exercise, getting enough sleep, practicing relaxing activities such as yoga and meditation, which help to dissipate stress levels. It is also advisable to seek support among people who go through the same condition, so joining a support group made up of adults who also suffer from ADHD can greatly benefit us, by interacting and sharing experiences.

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